Review: Force OX25 Mini Tractor

* Great little tractor to maneuver around the field, Goes places the bigger tractors can’t.
* Saves a lot of time and money compared to manual labors to get the same job done.
* Lot of really useful attachments to go along with it.
* Less bumpy for a tractor, doesn’t tire you out like the bigger ones.

* If you are over 6feet, this is going to be a little tough to ride.
* Does heat up a little bit after a full day of driving, but which tractor doesn’t.

Price in Pollachi (TamilNadu, India)
Just the tractor: INR 3,65,000
Trailor & Cultivator: INR 1,15,000
Grinder: INR 1,00,000
Rotavator: INR 65,000
Temp Registration, Insurance & RTO office work: INR 30,000

Total comes out to be: INR 6,75,000 (Still cheaper than a lot of cars on road these days 🙂 )

With banana as intercrop in our coconut farm this took close to 2 hours to get the job done. If we had the banana spaced right it would have even sooner. Still saved a lot of time and money compared to manual labors which are on real shortage these days.

Here is a quick before and after pic of the field.

Decent rainfall this year resulted in a lot of weeds, Would have been nice to let the cows take care off it, but with banana being the inter crop that isn’t possible.

Notice how they can reach smaller spaces

And its all clean after two rounds

This is a great little attachment for the coconut farm, Going to help grind the coconut leaves and stems to speed-up the composting and having them around the coconut trees will also help water from evaporating too soon.

And the trailor is going to be a big help around the farm for hauling things around. (manure, coconuts, plants etc)

Its been a great buy so far, Will have some videos soon.

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