7 Indian Farm Tech Startups

Rainbow Agri: Internet of Farmers, Their great set of award winning mobile apps connect farmers to buy & sell their products and most importantly communicate among them. They are active on facebook with quality content, Wish their video and content could be in English to have better reach, they are based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and probably concentrating the local market first.

Cropin: Provides Big Data Analytics, Satellite based geo spatial analysis of your farm, live notifications of current pests and their mobile app provides expert advice and recommendation throughout the crop cycle. They also provide schedule reports of your farm. Yes, it does sound like something that would help a larger farm and help with reports and convert it into a smart farm.

Cosmosgreen: Also referred as kheyti and IAM FARMER organic stores. Their idea of community farming combines small to medium farmers to work together as a group, providing recommendations, support and eventually buying the produce to be marketed to organic stores and also sell it through their own IAM FARMER retail stores.

EM3 AgriServices: Farming as a service, This would really benefit small farmers who cannot always afford the high-cost machineries needed. Their long-term goal is to have a full-stack agri marketplace for the farmers. We can’t really find any detailed list of equipments available on their website.

Farmily: Another site that promises to connect farmers directly to the buyers. But unlike other sites, Farmily lets the farmers create a profile of the farm with pictures and details on what is being produced. Buyers can use the network to check the produce and bid on the interested items, also provides a suitable space for the logistics and truck operators to reach out to the parties. Farmily, A complete eco-system with a cool name.

Good Greens: Not a true Farm tech, but they are more of Farm to consumer providing excellent organically grown greens. Based in Chennai, They started out with delivering organically grown greens with yearly subscription and now they are expanding to other vegetables too. Their latest initiative is setting up rooftop green boxes that lets you grow the greens for them with buy back guarantee. Awesome customer service and a great variety of spinach & herbs to choose from.

Agroman: Touted as the online marketplace for farmers to buy, sell & rent farm equipments, products and produces. They also provide some valuable information for the farmers like government schemes, which is very super valuable and as a long-term plan they hope to have on-demand expert services for farmers to help with soil testing among others.

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